Can I get my jewellery repaired if I received it as a gift?

Every hand-crafted Monica Vinader piece comes with our 5-Year Warranty, regardless of whether you purchased it yourself or you received your jewellery as a gift.

We need proof of purchase to validate whether your jewellery is within the 5-Year Warranty. You can use any of the following types of proof of purchase:

- An order number, which begins WEB, ENG, STO, EXE, etc and can be found on the order confirmation email, on a dispatch note or gift note.
- An original Monica Vinader store printed receipt or gift receipt
- A department store or partner receipt

To get started visit our 
'How does the Monica Vinader 5-Year Warranty work' page and simply follow the instructions for the option that best matches the proof of purchase you have for your piece.

If you do not have any of the above please contact the purchaser for a copy of the proof of purchase. If you can't get this from the original purchaser don't worry, 
we can still help.