Can My Order Be Delivered To China?

We offer delivery to China. This service takes 3 - 7 working days and includes taxes and import duties. However, we do not cover any local sales taxes and the recipient of the parcel will be responsible for these.  More information on pricing can be found by checking our delivery table here.

Chinese customs have a limit of CNY 1,000 for personal shipments, the total value of multiple items should not exceed this, if they do you may need to provide customs with further documentation. However, If the shipment contains only one item, it still can be cleared as personal effects even if the value is over CNY 1,000.

Please contact your local FedEx on the telephone numbers below to receive further information:

Call Fedex from within China, toll free: 800-988-1888 (from a landline) or 400-886-1888 (from a mobile).

Depending on the clearance method and value of your order, you may need to provide FedEx with further information, such as a copy of your ID and a consignee's declaration letter.