How Do I Write A Review?

At Monica Vinader, we encourage you to give us feedback on our products and services, which is why we feature customer reviews on our website. Reviews can help benefit other customers who are considering buying the same product, but also helps us to develop and improve our products and services.
You can write a review on the website by finding the relevant product and clicking on the 'Write a Review' link under the product name and price. If the product has already been reviewed by a customer, it will show an average star rating out of 5, and show the existing reviews under the 'Read all Reviews' link.
When writing your review here are a few things you might want to consider including:
- The piece you bought
- Who you bought it for
- Product features you liked
- Your opinions on the item i.e. what you liked or disliked about it
- Your recipient's opinion on the items (Especially if this was a gift)
- Comments on any additional services you requested i.e. Engraving, Next Day Delivery
- Your star rating out of 5
Please remember not to give any personal details in your reviews and try not to mention any other websites or companies, as we will be unable to publish the review in this instance.

See our Review Guidelines here.